Needs-Based Services

This program was created to encourage and support the development of pro bono programs in speech-language pathology that bridge the gap between the less fortunate with unmet communication needs, and speech-language pathologists who wish to volunteer their services. Well Said: Pro Bono is dedicated to increasing awareness of pro bono activities and encouraging the expansion of pro bono communication services across the country for invididuals who are people in need of a voice.

General Eligibility:

  1. Must be a resident of Ontario

  2. Available to accommodate our speech-language pathologist’s availability

  3. Must be in need of services (speech, fluency, voice, or other compelling communication concern) as determined by the treating speech-language pathologist


✅ I am able to attend appointments in Toronto


✅ I am over the age of 13



We will select one application per month for pro bono services based on eligibility, financial need and compelling circumstances.


We have a limited number of sliding scale spots for individuals who have an income however are unable to afford our regular rates.

✅ I am looking for services outside of Toronto


✅ I am looking for services for a child (under 13)



There are a number of speech-language pathologists in Ontario who are interested in providing sliding scale and pro-bono services. If you are not able to pay for speech therapy and you want to find a clinician within Ontario to help you, you can apply for us to help you find someone who can help within your area who is willing to reduce their regular rate to work with you.