Our Perspective

We take pride in perfecting the adult side of the speech therapy experience. It’s all that we do and it’s what we do well.

Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy is a practice of highly qualified and experienced registered speech-language pathologists who focus on working with adults. Our practices incorporate the latest thinking in psychology, speech-language pathology, adult learning and behavioural therapy and provide therapy by the current theory and research.

Our speech-language pathologists are trained in different therapeutic approaches and work in a collaborative manner to help you to improve your speech, social or communication skills.

Our Toronto office (Koreatown) services adults in the Annex, Bloordale, Junction, Dufferin Grove, Parkdale, Liberty Village, Queen West, Roncesvalles, Bellwood-Trinity, Yorkdale, Harbour Front, Downtown, etc. We are close to Bathurst and Christie TTC stations. Just a couple stops away from Dufferin, Spadina, Yonge, Queen, King, Kipling, Islington, Union, Yorkdale, Bloor.  Our address is 670 Bloor Street West

Our work focuses on practical and real-world outcomes. From a lisp to social skills, our ultimate goal is to help you to develop the skills and confidence that you need to succeed in real life. Consider that more than 800,000 Canadians have communication concerns, and you are not alone in your struggle.  


Our Story

Our clinic was created in 2012, when one speech-language pathologist, Melissa James, wanted to make confident communication accessible to everyone, not just adults needing rehabilitation. Inspired by the positive psychology movement, which uses psychology principles to optimize the mental health of well individuals, James noticed that high-functioning adults were underserved in the Toronto speech therapy market.

Many speech-language pathologists focused on working with children, leaving struggling adults without a safe space to consulate with age-appropriate specialists. For these reasons, Melissa decided to create this clinic, exclusively for high-functioning adults. At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy traditional speech therapy and communication coaching (optimizing communication) are offered while employing evidence-based science from psychology, adult learning, and speech-language pathology. 

Today, our team of three specialists has helped over 800 adults improve their communication. We have a reputation for quality and evidence-based assessment, treatment and consultative services for adult speech, social and communication, inspiring other professionals to follow suit. 


Our beliefs

  • We believe that high-functioning adults deserve an innovative clinic that is age-appropriate and specialist clinicians who integrate research from adult learning, the psychological underpinnings of communication, speech-language pathology into practice; and,

  • We believe that our expertise should not be reserved for the lowest 5%. Everyone only has room for improvement.

Our Approach

We prioritize communication for real life and understand the unique communication challenges of being a professional or soon-to-be professional, in a competitive, modern occupational environment.

Backed by our innovative philosophy, we can assess your individual situation and determine an evidenced-based treatment approach that is as individual as you are. 

Academic Research to Systematic Approaches to Real Life Improvements

From a university student to a CEO, adults can and do effectively change their speech, social and communication style with the right speech-language pathologist and an adult-centric approach.


Our Clients

Communicate with Purpose

We see a growing numbers of adults in Toronto come to us for help as they recognize the importance of expressing themselves clearly and effectively. We understand that adults are seeking a professional environment with services that are tailored to meeting their unique needs. As our clients face increasingly competitive and high-pressure conditions daily, we can help provide them with new tools to be a high-level communicator. The depth of our experience means we are familiar with troubleshooting adult communication for improved performance within high-stress environments. We work with professionals from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Teachers and professors
  • Consultants
  • Managers and Executives
  • College/University students
  • Sales Directors
  • Lawyers and litigators
  • Veterans
  • Programmers
  • Actors and singers
  • Real Estate agents

Like you, our clients have specific reasons for their communication goals and reasons for seeking our support: 

  • High-stakes interview
  • New position
  • Life transition
  • Career advancement
  • Conflict resolution
  • Self-development 
  • Improved workplace performance 
  • Improved social relationships
  • Improved confidence
  • Self-advocacy 

Our clients have nuanced histories

  • Overcame mental health concerns
  • Limited experience with speaking in front of a group
  • Persisted through stage fright
  • A diagnosis: ADHD, Asperger syndrome, high-functioning ASD, Social Communication Disorder or other condition that affects the brain
  • Injured in an accident
  • Reflected on constructive feedback about communication
  • Seeking an improved quality of life
  • Participated in speech therapy for voice, lisps, stuttering or rehab before
  • Worked with a different type of clinician (i.e., social worker or psychologist) on communication or social skills
  • Lived in an area that did not have school speech therapy as a child
  • Limited social practice causing a delay in social skill development
  • Learned English from instructors with different accents
  • Struggled with medical issues affecting communication

And like you, our clients learn differently than youth clients

  • Adults learn best in an informal situation
  • Adults want guidance not instruction
  • Adult learning focuses on problems and the problems must be realistic
  • Adults must want to learn
  • Adults will learn only what they feel they need to learn
  • Adults learn by doing
  • Experience affects adult learning

We all have different priorities around communication

Your reason for improving your communication is entirely your own, which is why our team recognizes that we are here to support your speech, language, and communication development.