Public Statement – Personal Health Information

Confidential personal health information is protected by the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) at Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy (WS-TST). The Act ensures that the personal health information of our clients is secure, safe, and confidential by governing its collection, use and disclosure.

Personal health information is collected, disclosed, and used by Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy with informed consent, and only in circumstances when the information is necessary to provide an effective clinical service delivery. A client may withdraw consent at any time by providing notice to WS-TST. WS-TST safeguards personal health information to protect against unauthorized use, disclosure, copying, modification, and unauthorized use including theft and loss.

Contact Person: Individuals should direct any inquiries or complaints pertaining to personal health information to Melissa James via mail: 670 Bloor Street West; Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1L2.

Access to Records: A service participant of WS-TST can request access to his or her record of personal health information. Requests should be provided in writing to the Contact Person. In compliance with PHIPA, records will be made available within thirty days.

Complaints regarding the use, collection, disclosure, modification, retention or disposal of personal health information should be submitted in writing to: Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario 2 Bloor Street East Suite 1400 Toronto, Ontario M4W 1A8