Have you spent a lifetime trying to understand how to say it clearly? We are here to help change that. You can improve your speech, social and communication skills - freeing you up to focus on your next accomplishment.


Working with us

Established in 2012, we are an experienced team of Toronto-based speech-language pathologists who can help you to improve your speech, social, fluency, and communication skills. We are focused and adult-centric which means that we work with adults like you all week long. We understand the unique challenges of communication as an adult and we can help.

In each one-on-one session, we will systematically build on your existing communication skills and troubleshoot speech, social, or communication habits that are getting in the way to help you feel entirely confident when you speak.


Who We Are

We are an innovative adult-focused communication clinic  for individuals and workplaces based in Toronto, Ontario. Led by a trusted team of experienced speech-language pathologists, we are dedicated to helping you achieve superior improvements.

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We like to stay on top of recent trends in adult speech, social and communication science. Insights is where we share our thoughts and perspectives on our work and provide tips for how  you can improve your speech, social and communication skills. 


Case Studies

We've coached over 800 clients to feel more confident while speaking, interacting and leading. Case Studies are our way of sharing what we do on a daily basis in an accessible format. 



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