Free resources and downloads

Access the free links below to download information on how you can reach your speech, social or communication goal. Note: These informational worksheets are not intended to be a substitute for sessions administered by your speech-language pathologist, please speak with a professional before using them. 


Taking care of your voice

This free download outlines ten important lifestyle changes that you can implement to improve your voice. If you have any questions, or need one-one-one support, please contact us.

Click here for the free download.

Social Communication Exposure Ladder

This free download outlines applied steps to practice speaking to others. If you want to build your social skills before trying this ladder out, then contact us.

Click here for the free download.

Short I Practice Worksheet

This free download contains 15 words, 10 phrases and 5 sentences to practice that tricky English short "I" sound. If you are having trouble learning this sound, then reach out to us for some extra assistance.

Click here for the free download.