I have trouble pronouncing certain sounds
I have a lisp
I am often asked to repeat when speaking
I don't like the sound of my voice (pitch, tone, quality, resonance)
My voice is not doing what I need it to do
I regularly lose my voice
My voice is impacted by another quality that I want to change (upspeak, glottal fry, etc.)
My social skills need improvement
I find it hard to make small talk
I find concision (being concise) hard for me
I feel nervous or anxious when speaking to others
I have concerns about my fluency
I have a stutter or stammer
I use filler words like: um, like, sort of too frequently
I have an overly passive or aggressive communication style
I speak in the appropriate rate of speech (not too fast or too slow)
I speak in the right volume for the setting
I don't mumble rather my pronunciation is clear
I speak professionally
I am required to captivate my audience during presentations
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