Professional Communication For A Young Adult

Professional Communication for a Millennial - Communication Coaching 

Case Summary

  • Male in mid-twenties with professional communication concerns (medical profession), concerns about speaking to women and everyday
  • Duration of therapy: 23 sessions

Professional Communication Targets

This client wanted to develop his interpersonal skills and professional communication skills as he prepared to enter a new professional role.


  • Increased frequency of conversation initiations
  • Increased conversation participation
  • Increased endorsements of assertive communication strategies
  • Increased confidence in conversing with women
  • Decreased anxiety around communication with patients

Tamir, a graduate student within a medical field, contacted Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy because he had a concern around professional communication. He received feedback from his clinical educators that he was not connecting or communicating well with his patients. Tamir reported that he wanted to improve on assertiveness, developing rapport, non-verbal communication and reduce his anxiety around communicating at work. 

Over 23 sessions spanning eight months, we helped Tamir through education, training and practice of assertiveness, body language, appropriate use of volume, I-statements, professional language, open-ended questions, small talk, and conversation skills. Each session, Tamir was given homework assignments to practice over the week. We also worked on reducing communication anxiety through desensitization using social experiments, role-playing and dialogue practice. 

Throughout our work, Tamir reported improved confidence, social success, and improved ability to build relationships and rapport with his patients and clinical educators. 

*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality

Narrative of Our Work