Professional Communication

Professional communication training focuses on the advanced communication skills that are required in today's professional and corporate environments. In a high-stakes interview, a meeting with management, or in front of an audience, how you communicate can make or break your personal brand. We help adults fine tune their communication skills, thereby allowing qualifications and contributions to speak for themselves.

Our Approach

At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy we have the experience and dedication to help you achieve measurable results and a competitive edge to succeed in real life. Using a client-centered, evidenced-based and functional approach, we will incorporate the latest research while working with you to achieve your professional or executive communication goals. 

Our services are covered by most workplace and education insurance plans. Go ahead and try our "Is Professional Communication Work for Me?" self-reflection tool below to discover how you can benefit.

Is Professional communication work for me? 

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Commonly treated goals

  • Assertive communication

  • Listening skills

  • Body language

  • Humour

  • Emotional Intelligence in Communication

  • Small-talk

  • Networking

  • Leadership

  • Delegation skills

  • Conflict Resolution

The steps

step 1 professional communication training

Define the target

Establish the way you currently communicate and what micro-skills you would benefit improving.

step 2 of professional communication coaching

Learn the skill

Learn how to master the skill set comfortably and confidently.

step 3 of professional communication skills lessons

Practice the behavior

Achieve your goal through step-by-step and supported practice in a safe space. 

At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy, our therapeutic approach assesses the communication requirements of your occupation and your current communication effectiveness to determine functional goals. Together, we will discuss these goals and formulate a plan to systematically work towards achieving your professional communication milestones. Contact us to schedule your appointment with a Speech-Language Pathologist.