Experiencing a concussion is traumatic. Experiencing persisting effects of it can be unexpected and even more traumatic. We know that cognitive difficulties following a concussion are common and that no two concussions are alike. We understand that having changes in your memory, attention, emotional reactivity, and problem-solving skills can be frustrating and imposing and we are here to help. At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy, we assess and treat cognitive-communication difficulties that can occur from a concussion or brain injury. 

Our Approach

We have the experience and dedication to help you improve  your executive functions (the skills impacted by concussions). Using an evidenced-based and adult-centric approach, we will work with you, employing the latest research, to get you back to doing what you love. 

Our services are covered by most workplace and education insurance plans. Try our "Is Concussion Therapy Work for Me?" self-reflection tool below to discover how you might benefit.

Is Concussion therapy for me? 

Unsure if concussion work is right for you? Try our new self-assessment tool by clicking on the box below. A box will open with a series of questions that will help you decide if this service is right for you. 

The Steps

step 1 in concussion cogntiive rehab

Cope with impairments 

Understand the anatomy of your brain and the impacts of a concussion or traumatic brain injury.

step 2 conuccsion cognitive rehab

Use new strategies

Learn how to compensate for the challenges resulting from a concussion. Start new practices in a safe environment. 

step 3 concussion cognitive rehab

Remedy the impairment

With cognitive remediation, you will progress toward your baseline level of functioning through step-by-step and supported practice.