Enunciation is a manner of speaking where the sounds or words are under-articulated, slurred, or blended together. Adults with enunciation concerns tend to move their mouths less than the average person when speaking, or speak at a faster rate than average. The treatment for enunciation depends on the cause of the concern: oral motor or rate. Once we complete an assessment we will determine the misused pattern and formulate a treatment plan to target the root of the cause. Our speech-pathologists will work closely with you to achieve lasting noteworthy enunciation when speaking. 

If you feel that you are generally not enunciating when you speak, then our services may be right for you. 

Our approach

At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy, we have the experience and dedication to help you achieve measurable results that you can use in your real life. Using a client-centered, evidenced-based, holistic and collaborative approach, we will work with you and the latest research to achieve your enunciation goals. 

Our services are covered by most workplace and education insurance plans. Go ahead and try our "Is Enunciation Work for Me?" self-reflection tool below to discover how you might benefit.

Is Enunciation work for me? 

Are you unsure if this therapy is right for you? Try our new self-assessment tool by clicking on the box below. A box will open with a series of questions that will help you determine if this Enunciation Work is right for you. 

The Steps

step one in enunciation

Understand the Difference

Understand the way you currently articulate or enunciate and how it can be improved.

step 2 in enunciation

Learn the target

Learn how to segment and clearly pronounce sounds and words.

step 3 in enunciation

Practice the New Way

Achieve your goal through step-by-step and supported practice in a safe space.