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Adult ADHD Coaching  

Adult ADHD is a condition that affects executive functions (i.e., attention, memory, time management, impulsivity, etc) as well as speech and social skills. Adults with this condition are often high-functioning, extraordinarily creative, and resilient despite the limitations. Current research and experts in the field of psychology suggests that "coaching" is a beneficial undertaking for adults with ADHD in order to circumvent deficits in cognitive skills and interpersonal skills. As trained professionals in the areas of executive functions (i.e., cognitive skills) and social skills (i.e., interpersonal skills), the speech-language pathologists at Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy are able to provide this "coaching" service. We call it "therapy." With motivation, adults with ADHD can improve their attention, memory, time-management, prioritization skills, impulsivity, emotional liability, and social skills. If you have been diagnosed with adult ADHD, or feel that you have some qualities of an adult with ADHD, then our assessment and therapy services might be right for you. 

Our Approach

At Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy we have the experience and dedication to help you achieve measurable results and real life improvements. Using client-centred and evidence-based approach, we employ the latest research to achieve your cognitive and social interaction goals. 

Our services are covered by most workplace and education insurance plans. Try our "Is ADHD Work for Me?" self-reflection tool below to discover how you might benefit.

Is ADHD Work for Me?

The Steps

It is important for adults with ADHD to develop an understanding of the way you communicate with others and how this influences the way others interact with you. This includes the manner in which you speak, your non-verbals, and your general impression. Through therapy, we can build your awareness of your social behavior and how it may be influencing other's impressions of your. 

Our one-to-one sessions have a skill development focus. The areas we target include:

  • cognitive skills (e.g., attention, memory, organization, time-management)
  • verbal communication (e.g., conversation and listening skills)
  • non-verbal communication (e.g., body language, gestures and posture)
  • emotion recognition
  • modification and regulation of social behaviour in different social settings (e.g., at work, at parties). 

Determine your goals

Complete an assessment to determine which skills you can improve on in order to reach your communication goals. 


Learn the skills

Guided by our experts you will systematically develop the appropriate target skills and track your improvements. 


Practice and apply

Through a step-by-step practice, you will notice measurable improvements in your cognitive skills and social interaction skills, giving you the confidence to apply your skills to the real world.