Stuttering is a speech disorder where someone has difficulty producing fluid or smooth speech. Stuttering can be characterized by involuntary hesitations, blocking sounds, sound repetitions, word repetitions and prolongations. These characteristics make it difficult for the speaker to get their message across smoothly.

Stuttering therapy is appropriate for adults who are bothered by their stuttering. Experts know that stuttering is only problematic when the person who stutters feels that it is. Some people would rather tackle their stuttering from an acceptance approach rather than a reduction approach, and we respect that choice. Contact us and we can discuss treatments options that suit your feelings about stuttering. 

Our Approach

As the first and premier Toronto adult speech clinic, Well Said: Toronto Speech Therapy, we have the experience and dedication to help you achieve measurable improvements in your fluency. Using a client-centered, evidenced-based, holistic and collaborative approach, we employ the latest research to achieve your fluency goals. 

Our services are covered by most workplace and education insurance plans. Try our "Is Stuttering Therapy for Me?" self-reflection tool below to discover how fluent you can become.

Is stuttering Therapy for me? 

Are you unsure if stuttering or fluency work is right for you? Try our new self-assessment tool by clicking on the box below. A box will open with a series of questions that will help you decide if this work is right for you. 

The Steps

step 1 in stuttering therapy

Establish a baseline 

Identify and understand your dysfluencies. Learn about the science and the research behind stuttering therapy.

step 2 in stuttering therapy

Learn the strategies and address the feelings

Learn the tools for fluent speech and tackle the feelings interfere with fluency.

step 4 in stuttering therapy

Practice the New Way

Achieve your goal through step-by-step practice in a safe space.